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Sexology, intimacy and relationship coaching:

I combine many years of experience in Psychosexual Somatics, Sexological Bodywork, holistic massage, coaching, shadow-work, reiki, meditation, yoga and tantric practice, to create bespoke sessions crafted to support you into a deeper experience of intimacy with yourself and others, and to empower you to integrate and express your powerful core erotic self. First we establish your goals, then understand and release any old patterns before building a series of practices that will support you into the deepest expression of yourself in your life and relationships.

General arc of the process:

History & Meta-Myth

Boundaries & Consent

Trauma release & integration

Sensual awakening

Shadow exploration & integration

Erotic Alchemy

For individuals:

Ignite, integrate and empower your erotic potential.

Intake session: £150/90mins + full analysis and report. Skype or Face to Face. Includes case history, feedback and the steps ahead – BOOK NOW


Sessions: £240 / 2 hours. (£120/hr) – BOOK NOW / Skype: £90/hr – BOOK NOW

Session Packs: Paid in advance, post intake session;

Foundations pack – 3 x 2hr (6hr total) = £660 (£110/hr) – BOOK NOW

Alchemy pack – 6 x 2hr (12hr total) = £1200 (£100/hr) – BOOK NOW

  • Post Package follow ups: £200 / 2hrs – BOOK NOW
  • Call out fee £100/session London zones 1-3 – BOOK NOW
For Couples:

Deepen your emotional intimacy & sexual polarity:

Equally powerful for new couples or those in long term relationships. Safe, sensational and life changing, this pair of sessions are composed of tantric, neo-tantric, taoist and western sexological practices including breathwork, conversation, touch, massage, reflections and intimacy games. Couples are left with a clear understanding of how to continue these practices at home to build deeper intimacy, pleasure and connection for years to come.


Session 1: 2 hours / £240 – Building solid foundations – BOOK NOW
Session 2: 3 hours / £360 – Superpowered intimacy – BOOK NOW

  • Post Package follow ups: £200 / 2hrs – BOOK NOW
Other Services: (For singles)

Tantric massage; Oil based full body and intimate massage working with erotic and sensual energies. May include sacred-spot (G-Spot) and rosebud (anal) massage when agreed – BOOK NOW

Body De-armouring and energy orgasm; After a brief consultation we release old patterns, tightness and blocked energy from the fascia and muscles in your body using techniques that include deep tissue massage, trigger points and acupressure. Following this and using breath, sound, movement and massage we move and alchemise the released energy in your body to create sensations that are often described as orgasmic and ecstatic – BOOK NOW

Conscious Kink; Many of us live with a sense of shame around our fantasies. According to Carl Jung we suppress, repress and deny aspects of ourselves that we believe are for some reason socially unacceptable and these become what he terms our ‘shadow’. In this session, after discussing and agreeing all boundaries and safe words, we consciously explore your fantasies, emotions and desires using shadow-work, conscious kink, BDSM, anger-work, emotional release and dark tantra. This can be a powerful and transformative experience releasing shame and bringing a deep integration to your psyche. The session finishes with plenty of time for integration and nurture – BOOK NOW

Primal Free Play: This is the most ‘freestyle’ of all the sessions that I offer. While I draw on my deep and broad experience to offer you a powerful and transformative session, this is very much a pleasure and play session rather than a therapeutic process. In order to hold an energetic field where there is a balanced power dynamic between us I approach this session as a sex-worker / conscious escort, not as a coach or practitioner. Anything can happen, as long as we are both in full consent. Give your imagination full permission…… – BOOK NOW

  • Above services all available as either a 2hr/£240 Experience or 3hr/£360 Ritual.

The 12hr Oxytocin experience:

This is an artfully crafted sensual journey designed to drop your entire body and soul back into the blissful healing relaxation of surrender and receptivity that is so often missing from our modern lives. I combine the latest techniques from the science of nervous system management, ancient secrets from the Tantric and Taoist traditions, and the occasional pinch of conscious kink, to safely, gently and profoundly guide you into a state of deep relaxation and blissful surrender. Clients often report a state of profound release and calm. I have also been booked for an overnight experience that consists simply of gentle massage, cuddling and partnered sleeping. Simple perhaps, but often no less profound.

The journey will typically take place from 12 noon – 12 midnight but can be a range of your choice. We will always meet first for a short conversation and to establish your boundaries, needs and desires. All extra costs (hotel, meals etc) are covered by yourself, and nothing extra is necessary. I will bring a range of toys and equipment to the adventure, from massage balms to kink tools, from bathing oils to ambient music and candles.

12 hours – £990 – BOOK NOW


Please Note: Session content can vary depending on how the work develops and what arises in the process of that session.


I ask that all clients commit to a minimum of 15 minutes a day self-practice during a coaching cycle, through you will notice the greatest benefit from at least 30 minutes of daily practice.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements or ask any questions.


I work with men, women and couples of all genders and sexual orientations within both a therapeutic and coaching context. Typically, my clients present with issues they will name as intimate or sexual in nature, however the work is often much broader than this. The context of the intimate and sexual relationship is a great place to start as this is typically where some of our deepest fears, challenges, traumas and aspirations are rooted.


I work through a variety of modalities, predominantly Psychosexual-Somatics and Sexological-Bodywork, and also including psychodrama, NLP, neo-tantra, tantra-hatha yoga, somatic coaching, psychosynthesis, holistic bodywork, conscious kink, shadow-work and somatic experiencing.


We will start with a conversation around hopes and fears and briefly touch on any significant life experiences, looking to join some dots as to the arc of your journey. From there we might identify some blocks to work through, and finally clarify your goals and a plan for achieving these based on a combination of sessions and home practice.


I believe deeply in client empowerment and personal responsibility, and so my methods are always designed to support you in building up your own capacity to express fully in your life, so there is an emphasis on self -practice and taking what happens in the therapeutic space into your life.

List of sessions:

For individuals:

Intake session: £150/90mins

Sessions: £240 / 2 hours – Skype: £90/hr

Session Packs:

  • Foundations pack – 3 x 2hr (6hr total) = £660 (£110/hr)
  • Alchemy pack – 6 x 2hr (12hr total) = £1200 (£100/hr)
  • Post Package follow ups: £200 / 2hrs
  • Call out fee: £100/session London zones 1-3


For Couples:

Session 1: 2 hours / £240
Session 2: 3 hours / £360

Post Package follow ups: £200 / 2hrs


Other Services: (For singles)

Tantric massage: 2hr/£240 Experience or 3hr/£360 Ritual.

Body De-armouring and energy orgasm: 2hr/£240 Experience or 3hr/£360 Ritual.

Conscious Kink: 2hr/£240 Experience or 3hr/£360 Ritual.

Primal Free Play: 2hr/£240 Experience or 3hr/£360 Ritual.

The Oxytocin experience: 12 hours – £990