Coaching - Drew Lawson
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Face to face sessions are typically 90 mins – 2 hours.
Skype sessions typically 1 hour.

One Off Session: 
60mins: $90 – BOOK NOW
90mins: $135 – BOOK NOW
120mins: $180 – BOOK NOW

6 Hours: $510 ($85/hr) – BOOK NOW
9 Hours: $720 ($80/hr) – BOOK NOW
12 Hours: $900 ($75/hr) – BOOK NOW

Intake Session: $75 usd / 75 minutes
This is the first session for all client. A Q&A style session where we get to ask each other questions, explore ways in which we could work together and build a picture of your history and goals for our time together. Many people find this to be a deep and powerful session in its own right.

Sensual massage & bodywork: 3 hours – $255
A stand alone bodywork session containing a brief intro talk and massage with elements of tantric, neo-tantric, taoist and western sexological techniques. Can contain physically intimate one way touch from practitioner to client. Fully boundaries and designed to explore sensation, release and integrate emotions and build capacity for energetic arousal.

Couples deepening intimacy & Polarity:
A pair of sessions designed to introduce couples to a variety of practices and techniques that will support a deepening of intimacy, connection, pleasure and sensation. Equally powerful for new couples or those in long term relationships. Safe, powerful and often life changing these are composed of tantric, neo-tantric, taoist and western sexological techniques. Couples are left with a clear understanding of how to continue these practices at home to build deeper intimacy, pleasure and connection for years to come.

Session 1: 2 hours / $180
Session 2: 3 hours / $255

Couples Coaching:
Suggested cycle:
Individual intake session: 2 x 75 mins each
Couples session: 2 hours

= $300 paid as a block or $150 then $180 if paid in 2 separate payments. A minimum of a day is usually taken between intake and couples session.

The first session is always ‘stand alone’ and charged at bespoke rates so we can both feel into the work we might do together. If we agree a package then the price is adjusted to reflect the package rate per hour.

General arc of the package:

  • History & Meta-Myth.
  • Trauma release & integration.
  • Boundaries & Consent.
  • Sensual awakening.
  • Shadow exploration & integration.
  • Erotic Alchemy.


Note: sessions can vary depending on how the work develops and what arises in session.

I ask that all clients commit to a minimum of 30 minutes a day self practice during a coaching cycle.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements or ask any questions.

I work with men, women and couples of all genders and sexual orientations within both a therapeutic and coaching context. Typically my clients present with issues they will name as intimate or sexual in nature, however the work is often much broader than this. The context of the intimate and sexual relationship is a great place to start as this is typically where some of our deepest fears, challenges, traumas and aspirations are rooted.

I work through a variety of modalities, mostly Psychosexual Somatics and Sexological Bodywork, and also including psychodrama, NLP, neo-tantra, tantra hatha yoga, coaching, psychosynthesis, bodywork and somatic experiencing. We will start with a conversation around hopes and fears and briefly touch on any significant life experiences, looking to join some dots as to the arc of your journey. From there we might identify some blocks to work through, some goals to work towards and a plan for achieving this based on a combination of sessions and home practice.

I believe deeply in client empowerment and personal responsibility, and so my methods are always designed to support you in building up your own capacity to express fully in your life, so there is an emphasis on self practice and taking what happens in the therapeutic space into your life.