Drew: - Drew Lawson
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About Drew

Drew Lawson has been working in wellness, energetics, bodywork, and personal development for the last 20 years, holding qualifications in several modalities including Psychosexual Somatics, Sexological Bodywork, Holistic Therapy, Tantra-Hatha Yoga and meditation.

Supporting clients through his international private practice as an intimacy & relationship coach, psychosomatic bodyworker, conscious kink practitioner and yoga teacher, Drew integrates teachings from both Eastern and Western schools, supporting individuals and couples to dissolve old blocks and negative habit patterns and to step into a bigger, more vital and more intimate expression of themselves.

Drew expresses his unique approach of strong boundaries, empathic honesty and exquisite integration also as an international facilitator of workshops and retreats, in the areas of wellness and conscious sexuality.

Drew’s lifestyle is highly infused by his passions for free-diving, conscious and sustainable communities, the wilderness and oceans, diverse global cultures, and finally his family and friends.

After recently returning from two years living in Indonesia, he currently shares his time between London and Lisbon.