About Me - Drew Lawson
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About Me

I have been working in healing, coaching, bodywork and energetics for over 20 years, including training in Reiki, holistic therapies, yoga, Tantra and Taoist sexuality, martial arts and Encounter practices from my late teens onwards. I was also a very sexual man and spent many years exploring these energies including time spent in celibacy, swinger communities, Tantra groups, BDSM rituals and therapy for my own sexual abuse challenges.

For the last 10 years I have been working with men, women and couples in Rites of Passage work, personal development training and intimacy and connection, and for the last 5 I have been a certified Psychosexual Somatics practitioner and Sexological Bodyworker.

I am fully insured to practice all modalities, and all sessions are, of course, fully confidential and structured according to established health and safety protocols. I also follow a full protocol outline regarding consent, touch and boundaries. Any questions at all. Please ask me ‘here‘.

I see clients on Skype or face to face.